VIHALS chest of 6 drawers , white, 140x47x75 cm

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Our safety feature Anchor and unlock enhances the safety of your chest of drawers by significantly reducing, but not completely eliminating, the tip-over risk.

The safety feature means that the chest of drawers must be anchored to the wall in order to open more than two drawers at a time, which creates a safer environment at home.

By anchoring the chest of drawer to the wall, you unlock the safety feature and can open all the drawers simultaneously when needed.

A wide chest of drawers gives you plenty of storage space as well as room for lamps or other items you want to display on top.

The frame is easy to assemble thanks to the clever construction with wedge dowels that are easily pressed into the pre-drilled holes.

You get a seamless look when combining 2 or more VIHALS chests of drawers, of the same or different sizes, as the drawers align.

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