SMYGA Desk, light grey, 122x60 cm

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Neat desk in a traditional style with a big work area, a spacious drawer, knobs on the side and 2 cable outlets. Part of the SMYGA series – furniture in durable solid wood that lasts for generations.

The work area is big enough (60x120 cm) for both studying and doing arts and crafts, or two computer monitors next to each other.

The desk is wide enough to allow you to sit next to your child and help with homework.

On the side there is a row of knobs where you can hang small things. The knobs are included and you can mount them on either side.

The height of the desk is 74 cm, which is the most suitable according to ergonomic research. If you need to adjust the child's sitting position, you can raise or lower the desk chair.

The desk has 2 covered cable outlets, one on each side.

The design with tapered legs gives the desk a neat look.

In the drawer you can store paper, pens and other things that you want to hide away but still have close at hand.

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