PÅBODA Chair, black/Remmarn dark grey

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Snug and comfy. You sit really nicely on this sleek and upholstered chair with a thick seat and high backrest. Feel free to mix it with other chairs to add a personal style to your dining area.

You can sit comfortably for a long time at the table since the angle of the backrest provides good lumbar support.

Dine in style and comfort. This upholstered chair is perfect for long meals, spending precious moments with family and friends or for indulging in some relaxing me-time.

With sofa-comfort feel, this chair can also serve as cosy extra seating in your bedroom, hallway, living room or wherever you would like a comfy spot to relax without taking up too much space.

You sit comfortably thanks to the generous size of the seat and the high backrest that provides good back support.

Upholstered chair seat distributes your body weight and reduces pressure on the sitting bone.

Simple to assemble since you avoid needing to wonder about which legs should face forward. They’re all the same.

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