JÄTTESTA Shelving unit, white/light bamboo, 80x195 cm

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JÄTTESTA Shelving unit

Looking for a stand-out design that creates a statement? JÄTTESTA is a perfect choice – both for storage and display. The shape and materials have a sleek look, making your living room a place to love.

Product details

This tall shelving unit is both functional and beautiful – and is original in design with lots of open shelves for display.

You can design it with your favorite items, boxes of your choice or just leave half empty – the unit is decorative on its own.

The shelving unit's 3 back panels function as a display background.

Offers a modern expression with a mix of materials. The shelves in bamboo wood are rounded, and metal legs stick out from the side at a 45-degree angle, adding soft roundness to it.

Bamboo is a strong, renewable material from one of the world's fastest growing plants. It's durable and with a little care you can enjoy it for many years.

Can be used on its own or matched with other furniture in the JÄTTESTA series.

Works great with SYMFONISK speaker lamp with Wi-Fi, making your home smarter.

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