HALVTOM Bottle with pour spout, glass/brown, 19 cm

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HALVTOM jars for spices and oil/vinegar create a trendy restaurant feel at home. The sculptural shape and the brown glass mean that you’ll happily have them visible by the stovetop and on the dining table.

Inspired by trendy restaurant design – just as great to put on the dining table for guests as to use when you’re cooking up a feast in the kitchen.

This bottle with a pour spout is suitable for oil, vinegar or soy sauce that you want to drip over salads or into the pan when cooking food.

It's simple to close the secure cap to keep the contents fresh.

When you see through the glass that the contents are starting to run out, you simply unscrew the cap and refill.

The brown glass reduces the effect of daylight on the contents and makes them retain their flavour for longer.

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