AFTONSPARV Desk pad, space/blue, 38x60 cm

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When creativity flows, sometimes there isn’t enough paper. Then it’s good to have an underlying surface made of 100% recycled polyester that protects the table top so that little artists can create freely.

Product details

This pad protects the desk from dirt and scratches while creating a smooth surface when your child wants to write or draw. Perfect for big and little artists who want to create freely.

The desk pad lies firmly in place thanks to the rubber-covered underside.

Children want to be where you are – and this lightweight pad is easy to move from room to room.

Protects your desk from stains and marks.

Easy to roll up and take with you or store away in a box.

If you want to transform your child's room into an exciting universe of their own, you can combine this desk pad with textiles and soft toys from the AFTONSPARV collection.

A perfect gift for children who are fascinated by and love all things in space.

Created in collaboration with children in playful sessions where they express their thoughts and ideas. Their opinions influence our decisions and make our products better. After all, they’re the experts.

With the space-inspired toys, textiles and lamps in the AFTONSPARV collection, we want to spark curiosity and inspire children.

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