BASTUA Bath sheet, blue/orange, 90x180 cm (35x71 ")

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Pamper yourself! This blue/orange bath sheet with fringes is just as nice to wrap around you as to lie on in the sauna or at the beach. The pattern is jacquard-woven and has inverted colors on both sides.

A new bath sheet in lovely colors livens up and makes your bathroom feel fresh in no time.

Easy to roll up and bring to the sauna, beach or gym.

Wonderfully big and soft to wrap around you and offers a spa-like feeling every time.

The decorative pattern is visible on both sides, with inverted colours, since the bath sheet is jacquard-woven.

The cotton/lyocell blend gives you a strong, silky-smooth material. Both fibres are soft, breathable and absorbent. Lyocell, made from wood pulp, is especially good at absorbing moisture from your skin.

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